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Here you go!

I would like to introduce to You our blog with a main theme of Nuclear and Naval Engineering, and how we understand these aspects of modern and advanced nuclear technology. This blog will discuss “small” as well as various naval reactors, propulsion, small power plants and “nuclear” innovations. Many from these reactors are now fashionably called “Small Modular”, or SMR.

I will attempt to conduct this blog without any political perspective, and, if possible, only include factual information. Although, please be aware that the personal attitude I may have towards some of the characters (authors), of course, are bound to slip. Alas … alas, we are all imperfect. I intend to slowly accumulate all of the technical articles and notes, which I once posted in my LJ and/or other Internet resources several years ago. This looks like the place… In fact, this research has formed my attitude to the profession. And further, I will be including all of the interesting engineering content that may fall past my eyes, and post them here. I will try to apply some “small talk” to transition from the past to future.

Generally, the articles and notes are in Russian. English speaking readers can use Google-Translate. Sure, the translations are far from perfect, but the ideas and conversations should translate well…

However, be aware that the author’s personal opinions are presented, and this blog is not intended to have any association with my employer nor other authorities. The purpose of this blog is to reflect on my own understanding of current affairs in Nuclear Science, Research, and Industry, especially in the low-power reactors and SMR area. 



Contact via: realeksey@nucon.tech


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