Platts 3-rd Annual Small Modular Reactors conference gives you the information and contacts you need to understand the growth of an important new energy industry.
Keynote Presentation:
  • Lamar Alexander, Senator, US Senate
Time Frame for SMR Development:
  • Hussein S. Khalil, Ph.D., Director, Nuclear Engineering, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Ali Azad, President and Chief Executive Officer, Generation mPower
  • Chris Colbert, Chief Operating Officer, NuScale Power, Inc.
  • Michael Anness, Manager, Advanced Reactors, Westinghouse Electric Company
Economics of SMRs:
  • David Solan, Ph.D., Director, Energy Policy Institute, Center for Advanced Energy Studies
  • Geoffrey Rothwell, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Economics, Stanford University
  • Matthew Crozat, Ph.D., Program Analyst, Nuclear Energy, US Department of Energy
  • Ionnis N. Kessides, Ph.D., Lead Economist, Environment and Energy, The World Bank
  • Geoffrey Black, Ph.D., Chairman, Department of Economics, Boise State University
Federal Funding and Regulation:
  • John Kelly, Ph.D., Deputy Assistant Secretary, Nuclear Reactor Technologies,US Department of Energy
  • Stephanie Coffin, Deputy Director, Advanced Reactors, Division of Advanced Reactors and Rulemaking, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
International Case Studies:
  • M. Hadid Subki, Ph.D., Technical Lead, SMR Technology, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  • Stepan Borovitskiy, Ph.D., Design Lead, SVBR-100, JSC AKME Engineering (Russian Federation)
  • Keung-Koo Kim, Ph.D., Director, SMR Technology DevelopmentKAERI (Republic of Korea)
  • Yohannes Sardjono, Ph.D., National Consultant, Centre for Accelerator and Material Process Technology, National Nuclear Energy Agency (Indonesia)
Operations, Siting, and Supply Chain:
  • Daniel P. LaGatta, Ph.D., Senior Principal, GEI Consultants Inc.
  • Christopher Kerr, Senior Manager, New Plant Engineering, Exelon Generation
  • J. Darren Gale, Vice President, Product Development, Generation mPower
Deploying SMRs in Developing Countries:
  • Danielle Goodman, President, Planergie Group
  • Peter Storey, Ph.D., Professor, Nuclear Policy and Regulation, Dalton Nuclear Institute,University of Manchester (UK)
Security and Nonproliferation:
  • Robert Bari, Ph.D., Senior Advisor/Senior Physicist, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Michael Zentner, Scientist, Nuclear Safety, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


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